Extremely smooth UI. I like it. it’s easy on the eye, easy to navigate, and contemporary feel. I will rate it among the best ones. What surprises me is what DelOrg360 has achieved in its first release.

— Srinivas
Project Manager

Rolling up project level information into programs and portfolio status views has been a big challenge for us for a long time. We start collecting information almost 3-4 days in advance and by the time we have the reports in a consolidated manner, many bits of information have become a bit “old”. DelORg360 now makes it possible for us to get consolidated reports providing over-arching views on programs and portfolios with drill downs. This is a great time saver and makes meetings more relevant.

— Seshu
Senior Delivery Manager

A well thought out product. I like the calendar view of task allocation and status resource tracking. Built in notifications also reduce emailing requirement. I get alerts on upcoming risks, clients get notified on pending approvals, developers get notification on new documents and change in task priorities. DelOrg360 has helps reduce my time spent on chasing for updates or trying to patch-up inputs from different sources.

— Venkat
Senior Support Manager

As delivery head there are various ways DelOrg360 helps me and my team. With one of our clients we have started implementing the client collaboration feature. All approvals are coordinated through DelOrg360 and we have been able achieve (a) better tracking of which requests have been approved and which ones pending, we are able to create focused discussions and bring issues to closure in shorter cycle times; and (b) the single location repository of all additional expenses that have been approved ensures that no revenue opportunity is lost in the process of consolidating approvals from multiple emails and documents. While DelOrg360 helps in various other ways, integrated client collaboration is certainly a good value add and differentiator.

— Sajjan Mallik
Vox Valley

DelOrg360 is a powerful and comprehensive product for Program and Project Managers. This product is easy and intuitive to use as it supports industry standard project management methodologies and workflows based on PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge).
At an operational level, it helps project managers in tracking, coordinating and report generation. At strategic level, it helps PMO to make informed decision making by providing consolidated views on projects & programs, historical data and lessons learned.
It is an excellent platform for stakeholder collaboration, tracking team performance and integrated risk management.

— Ravi Kanniganti
Industry Practitioner and Product/Project Management Coach

I don’t need to pull up Data from various sources to know about the Projects Status / Health, Resource Utilization and this reduces my time on reviewing the projects as this product provides me total delivery landscape at any given point in time online and real time. This helped me in focusing on Pre sales efforts and the results are evident in getting more business.

— Anant Malyala
Delivery Head

DelOrg360 provides very relevant features for on the ground tracking as well as high level reporting to the senior management. This tool provides the solution of status reporting right from engineer level to the Head of Delivery. If one is frustrated by spending lots of productive time on status tracking and reporting, then this tool is a must have to get the status in as real time as possible.

— Former Program Manager with Sasken

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DelOrg360 is a web based Enterprise "Delivery and Project Portfolio Management" Product for the Management of Projects & Programs, Clients, the Resources and their Performance and the Execution of Projects. DelOrg360 offers much more than a PPM Product.

DelOrg360 provides complete snap-shot about the Project(s) Status, Project Tasks, Gant Chart, Risks, Project and Portfolio Gross Margins, Resource Utilization, their availability, deployment status, billability, skills, costs, Projects in pipeline, confirmed projects, resource projections, client communication, document sharing, Performance of the resource in the project and Client Management at any given point. DelOrg360 also provides many more aspects of delivery office including Quality Metrics and utilities such as Issue Management, Test Management, MOM, Time sheets and Pipeline Management. All Information is Integrated and flow seamlessly across all the above functionalities.